Star 8 Australia is a member of the global Star 8 group of companies. An innovative technology company, continuously introducing new green technology products and applications. We are a global leader in innovative and functional solar and as pioneers in the application of green technology and a holder of innovation patents, we strive to offer practical, green solutions for individuals and businesses across the globe.

Our Mission

Our Mission, in the words of our founder and visionary Jacob Maimon, is to “fix our own home”. The earth is our home and we are striving to create a cleaner environment by providing affordable and practical green energy and electric transport solutions.

Star 8 Australia’s goal is to realise the universal aspiration for a cleaner world by lowering emissions, reducing air and noise pollution and, most importantly, delivering a health dividend to humanity. We recognise that this can only be achieved and sustained by delivering real economic benefits to our customers.

Our Difference

We believe it’s possible to use the sun to power our world. Our worldwide scientists, designers, and manufacturers believe that new technologies must be applied in an affordable way to reach populations that would otherwise not see the benefits of clean energy solutions.

We all live on the same planet and every contribution to a greener, cleaner environment, whether large or small, benefits us all.

Our Business

Star 8 products may be found in places as far afield as Africa, China, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

Star 8 technologies are applied to our suite of electric vehicles including buses, jeepneys (Philippines), tuk tuks, utility vehicles, boats and our e-VTOL Flying Cars and Drones.

Our range of innovative solar lights provide a reliable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting that is easy and cheap to install and gives our customers the opportunity to save money and further express their green aspirations.


Star 8 is currently involved in a project to create the world’s first manned drone. Below is a little preview of our drone flying beside the Philippines’ first electric flying car! The future of flying vehicles is here.



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