Welcome to the world of Star 8 Green electric vehicles.

We believe our electric Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) programme is world-leading in its breadth of engagement across many forms of transport. From buses to flying cars and self-charging ferries, we have a range of electric transport solutions that will inspire and excite you. We have developed two streams of Star 8 vehicles, including passenger carrying and cargo carrying.

Yes, they have been developed for Asian markets for we believe a sustainable GREEN solution must firstly generate genuine environmental and economic benefits in the large polluting metropolises of Asia.

We wish to present these same products to the Australian public as opportunities to advance Australia’s own green aspirations. Some vehicles need to be adapted to the regulatory environment in Australia and we are underway in that process. Over the next 12 months, new advanced models will be released that will make this process a lot quicker.

We are confident in the economics of Green. The savings in fuel and operating costs are very significant and because Star 8 vehicles are inexpensive those savings can generally fund the vehicle acquisition costs.

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