Star 8 solar electric tuk-tuks and electric jeepney/buses have been developed for Asian markets as we believe they will make the most impact there. For example, the jeepney modernisation program of the Philippines Government is visionary and provides an exciting opportunity for great cities such as Manila, Cebu and Davao to lead the world in the adoption of electric mass pubic transport to replace the current diesel jeepneys. Star 8 is leading the way in assisting the Philippine Government in this exciting vision.

You will note our VAYA range of two-wheeled vehicles. Currently, we have available for purchase the GO Scooter which is a very stylish and multi-function scooter. The Vaya Calypso, Hurricane and Supernova will also soon be available for you to purchase. They are exciting to ride and a testament to the development of AFFORDABLE electric vehicle technology for everyday use by the Australian public.