From partnering with Coca-Cola to showcase solar electric tuk-tuks in Cambodia, to market-leading solar electric tuk-tuks and jeepneys (Buses) in the Philippines, Star 8 has been actively promoting green transport in countries where a reduction in pollution can provide a significant health dividend to the local population.

Against this backdrop of experience in solar electric transport, Star 8 Australia is proud to introduce a new range of solar electric off-road vehicles to Australia.

These off-road vehicles are robust, built for off-road terrains, and enjoy many useful features that increase their utility, making them great value for money.

They are also equipped with flexible solar panels for enhanced battery recharging. These flexible panels leave the roof profile virtually unchanged as well as avoid the effect of the significant weight of fixed glass panels.

The energy generated by the solar charging can be used to either extend the range of the vehicle or if additional range is not required, reduce the requirement for external charging.

This pathway to energy independence is an important enhancement as these vehicles often operate with limited access to grid power not to mention the considerable savings in operating costs that can be enjoyed.