Star 8 Solar lights are perfect for many commercial and household situations, especially in Australia with our long sunny days and clear air.

With Star 8 Solar lights there is no costly cabling or wiring and no ongoing electricity charge for each light is independent and self-sufficient. Whether attaching to a pole or a wall, installation is quick and easy. In no time your light is up and working.

Star 8 Solar Lights integrate a solar panel, LED lamp and Li-Fe battery within a single unit. A winning combination.

Star 8 solar lights enjoy long battery life and battery charge life because they incorporate the following leading technologies.

ALS: Adaptive Lighting System

Innovative patented technology that automatically adjusts lighting levels according to surrounding weather conditions without impacting passer-by visibility. ALS maximises battery efficiency and life of charge (redundancy).

VFT: Variable Frequency Technology

Special Technology managing LED output thereby maximising battery charge life.

TCS: Temperature Control System

Provides critical battery control system to protect the battery from overheating thus maximising battery life and output.

Choose Star 8 solar lights and GO GREEN. Along the way, you will discover an amazing way to illuminate your life whilst enjoying savings on the cost of energy.


$99.00 / Available on Backorder
$79.00 / Available on Backorder