Commercial Solar Bollard Lights


The Commercial Solar Bollard Light is a high-quality, durable bollard light suitable for many commercial and residential situations. This light features a sunlight-tracking solar panel which optimises solar absorption by 20-30% to efficiently recharge the battery. Its high-performance lithium-ion battery can provide over 7 nights of continual lighting per charge.

✓ Easy installation.
✓ 3 lighting modes.
✓ 5-year product warranty (battery included).
✓ 7+ nights of continual lighting per charge.
✓ Rotating sunlight tracking solar panel.
✓ Durable, sturdy design.
✓ IP66 water and dust proof rating.
✓ IK10 degree of protection.


Star 8 Australia have designed a quick, easy, and cost-effective mounting solution for their bollard lights. This mounting system only requires a few minutes of labour per installation as it does not involve time-consuming concreting or cabling. Simply drive the mounting spike into the ground, attach your bollard and your light is now securely in place.

*Please note that where the ground is very hard and rocky the mounting spike may not be suitable. In this case a concrete mounting pad would be a more appropriate mounting system.

Contact us to find out more information or order your mounting kits at or 1300 717 141.

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Commercial Solar Bollard Lights
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