Zeus Apollo Lithium Phosphate Batteries


Meet the next generation of power storage! Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries are extremely lightweight. Unlike traditional batteries, these are a dry battery making them spill-proof and leak-proof. This battery is available in 100Ah and 200Ah. The 200Ah battery is made from prismatic LiFePO4 cells. This means minimal cells which greatly reduces the risk of battery disfunction. Its integrated battery management system (BMS) ensures all cells are uniformly charged and discharged. This technology provides short circuit, over current and reverse polarity protection, making it a reliable power solution. The BMS keeps the battery to safe operating limits, unlike other lead acid batteries. You can now have peace of mind knowing the LiFe P04 battery is non combustible, providing added safety.

These batteries can easily power all your usual household devices, be used as a backup battery or for any device which you would usually use a lead acid battery.  The lithium phosphate LiFePO4 can also be used for camping, RVs, boating or for storing solar energy. Enjoy fast charging, longer lifespan and low maintenance. Unlock a whole new world of low cost camping and don’t rely on power. This battery is the ultimate all-rounder! Enjoy peace of mind with our 3 year warranty.

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Zeus Apollo Lithium Phosphate Batteries
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