Arges Sensor Solar Light


The Arges Sensor Solar Light is constructed with aluminium alloy and tempered glass, combining an aesthetic look with a durable build. This light includes a PIR motion/proximity sensor as well as an optional remote control and 3 lighting modes. This light can be either pole or wall mounted making it a versatile installation option for solar lighting.

All Star 8 solar lights maximise battery life and charge life because they incorporate adaptive lighting, Variable Frequency and Temperature Control patented technologies.

✓ Easy installation

✓ 3 lighting modes

✓ 3-year product warranty (battery included)

✓ 7+ nights of continual lighting per charge

✓ Optional remote control

✓ PIR motion/proximity sensor

✓ IP65 water and dust proof rating

Note: Pole not included with light.

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Arges Sensor Solar Light
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