Portable UV Solar Light

$29.00 / excl. GST


This Portable UV Solar light with motion sensor is the ultimate 3-in-1 solar travel light. It can be mounted on a wall as a motion-detecting security light, carried like a torch or used to test for harmful waterborne bacteria with its ultraviolet light function.

When the security PIR sensor is activated, brightness increases to 1,000 Lumens to increase visibility. The UV light function uses ultra-violet technology to highlight bacteria so you can disinfect surfaces and treat contaminated water.

When you need to recharge your Portable UV Solar Light, simply return it to the solar charging station or charge by USB. The USB charger is very useful when travelling or charging at night. (Charging cable not included.)

A single button allows you to switch between two lighting modes and set your preferred brightness.

This portable solar light is ideal for travelling. Keep it in your camper trailer, motorhome, caravan or boat and pack it in your bag when you’re going camping or fishing. Install one around the swimming pool or entrance to your property to ensure you always have light available when needed.

A great feature of the Portable UV Solar Light is its ability to kill harmful Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans bacteria. When travelling and camping use this UV light to scan surfaces such as picnic tables before use. Read the full Microbiological Test Results HERE.

Star 8 solar lights are designed to maximise battery life and battery charge through its incorporation of Adaptive Lighting, Variable Frequency and Temperature Control patented technologies.

family on camping trip using portable solar light
Portable UV Solar Light

$29.00 / excl. GST