Self Cleaning Solar Light


This innovative self cleaning solar light removes accumulated dust, bird droppings and fallen debris from its solar panel. Keeping its solar panel free of unwanted debris helps to maximise sunlight exposure and subsequent brightness, battery life and longevity of the light. With a high-quality battery, the self-cleaning light provides up to 7 nights of continual lighting and a built-in temperature control system allows it to work in freezing temperatures.

Star 8 solar lighting has been created to maximise battery life and battery charge life through the incorporation of Adaptive Lighting, Variable Frequency and Temperature Control patented technologies.

  • Automatic self-cleaning wiper cleans its solar panel 6 times a day. No maintenance required
  • 7+ nights of continual lighting, even when overcast
  • Built-in thermal protection temperature control. Works in environments with temperatures as low as -20C and as high as 60C
  • 3-year warranty (includes battery)
  • Energy-saving all in one lighting solution
  • Quick and easy installation

Note: Pole not included with light

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self cleaning solar light wiping dirt off solar panel
Self Cleaning Solar Light
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