Cityline (Not Available in Australia)

The best of Star 8 Green’s e-buses, the Cityline is perfect for rush hours inside the bustling metropolis. Also ideal for transporting workers on large sites and as school buses.

Imagine riding a bus where you have all the comfort you will ever need, plus,  the satisfaction that this vehicle does not emit carbon emissions. It’s easy to turn a blind eye on our environmental problems when there are no easy and feasible solutions to help cut down on carbon emissions. Good thing electric vehicles have now forayed the market. One of these is Star8 Green’s Cityline.

Cityline is a premium choice for public transportation. It is supplied with or without aircon. If no aircon each passenger has an individual electric fan. All vehicles have USB charges and can be optioned with advertising package including television screens, advertising panels etc.

The Cityline is an inexpensive public transport vehicle with low ongoing operating costs. When it comes to speed, you’ll be glad to know that Cityline has a maximum speed of 65 kmh. The fiberglass + ABS structure of its body has a size of 5950mm x 1870mm x 2550mm. The Cityline has a load capacity of 2.7 tons which can accommodate 30+ people.

The charging time is 8 hours for the lead-acid battery and 30 minutes for lithium.


The Cityline comes in 2 models. The Cityline Bus which features forward-facing seats and the Cityline Jeepney which features bench seats along each side.