We asked one of our customers, Naomi, to review our newest light – the Portable UV Solar Light. This is what she had to say…

I remember the first solar lights we got for our garden. They barely lasted an hour a night and within a week they had stopped completely. The second lot we got weren’t any better.

Needless to say, I was ready to walk away from solar lighting until we discovered Star 8. Now my garden is full of solar lights. Solar Bollard Light, Solar Path Light, the Step Light and the Solar Security Wall Light. They all work so well.

I was keen to try out the new Portable UV Solar Light and I have to say, they won me. Like the Security Wall Light, which is mounted to our front gate, it also makes a great security light, bright enough to light our driveway when the sensor is activated. What makes the Portable UV Light even better than the Security Wall Light is the fact that it doubles as a torch. The light slides out of its charger and offers two torch settings. No more sifting through your bottom drawer for that old torch you used to have and then find out that the batteries are flat.

The light also has a UV setting for disinfecting surfaces. I really like the idea of being able to disinfect things without the use of chemicals so the light now gets used on my benches, my dining room table and my outdoor table. I love it. The light is completely portable, so we take it with us on family
picnics to disinfect the table there. As an added bonus, this portable light has a USB charging port which we’ve found really useful when travelling.

I think it is going to become an essential item on all our day trips in future.