We recently caught up with Ray to hear how he’s been using his Star 8 Solar Path Lights.

“It was probably our last ditch attempt at solar lighting. We needed solar, rather than trying to run leads and cords everywhere. But we had been let down so many times. Each time we tried to install solar lights; they would begin to conk out within weeks.

We then discovered Star 8 and these solar lights are fantastic. They just keep working and working. We never have to think about them.

On my property, we have a path from our driveway to the front door. It passes a couple of bedrooms. This path is particularly dark at night as there are no streetlights where we live. We decided to put some Star 8 Solar Path Lights along the pathway to make this dark patch safe to walk along. These lights give a lovely spread of light onto the path and don’t shine upwards into the bedrooms. It’s the way they’ve been designed. I’m absolutely sold on them. We have several other lights, including one on our driveway gatepost. It can be programmed to stay bright or dim and can be motion sensor activated, depending on what you need. The things you always imagined someone ought to invent and actually make work, and Star 8 have done it. Even after a week of dull, wet weather, they just keep on shining. We could not recommend these lights enough! Keep it up Star 8. The world needs you!”

Do you have any dark areas on your property? Why not try solving the problem with a light from our extensive solar lighting range like Ray? If you are looking for an affordable, simple to use light that doesn’t cost the earth, solar technology is a great way. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Ray! If you have a story, please send it our way! We love hearing how people are using green technology in their everyday lives.