Star 8 Green has expanded its solar electric technology into amphibious versions of its land jeepney and Tuk tuk and into solar e-boats.

Many countries have large tracts of low lying land that are susceptible to flooding especially in the rainy season. The development of electric land vehicles that can also navigate waterways will be a great transport solution in what otherwise might represent quite difficult circumstances. The amphibious vehicles can also assist with rescuing trapped people.

The solar e-boats are developing into a marine alternative. The passengers ferried are currently under trial in the Philippines, enabling prople to cruise in style without the worry of endangering the seas. The 60-seater Star 8 Solar e-ferry is fully self-charging and is a testament to the power of the Star 8 technology.

The solar electric bunker boat is designed to replace existing small petrol fishing boats. They can be supplied as new boats or retrofitting of existing boats.

Star 8 Green programme to provide electrical boating alternatives is a small step in returning the oceans to pristine quality and thus assist the rebuilding of fish stocks. A big task but the Star 8 Solar electric boat programme is a great step forward.

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