Cold winter nights can be brutal. Not just to humans but also to technology. Believe it or not, even your smartphone may need to curl up with a warm blanket after being out on a freezing night. The liquid components in batteries start to thicken as the temperature plummets, increasing resistance. At best, this reduces the efficiency of a device. At worst, it permanently damages it.

It is, however, on these cold, winter nights that outdoor lighting is so important. Longer hours of darkness mean more time out after dark. Without good lighting, the chance of accidents and injury increases dramatically.

This is why Star 8 has introduced our Thermal Range of solar lighting, a range specially designed to charge in cold temperatures down to -20° C. Non-thermal solar lights typically do not charge in temperatures below 0° C.

Our first light in this range is the Thermal Plaza Solar Light. As the name suggests, it’s excellent for public plazas, but its potential uses don’t stop there. It is also great for pathways, across campuses, outside commercial premises, gateways and entryways, parks and gardens, and courtyards. This stylish light offers 360 degrees of lighting all night for at least 7 nights on a single charge, all year round; summer and winter.

The Self-Cleaning Solar Light is also part of our Thermal range. Like the Thermal Plaza Solar Light, it provides 7+ nights of light on a single charge and can still charge in temperatures down to -20° C. As its name indicates, it has a cleaning wiper that runs across the solar panel 6 times a day to remove dust, bird droppings and fallen debris. Clean solar panels mean efficient charging so even with shorter days and a weaker sun during the winter months, a Self-Cleaning Solar Light will light the way.      

And of course, you don’t need to live in a cold climate to appreciate our thermal range. These batteries can also discharge in hot climates up to 60° C. Whether you need lighting for extreme hot or cold climates, our thermal lights have you covered.

Find out more about the new Thermal Plaza Solar Light and Self-Cleaning Solar Light on our website or visit our showroom to see these lights in action. More lights in the thermal range coming soon.

Information Table:

 Charging temperatures Discharging Temperature 
Thermal Solar Lights  -20° to +45°C -20° to +60°C 
Non-Thermal Solar Lights -0° to +45°C -20° to +60°C