Housing Estate, Ormiston, Queensland


A manager for a housing estate in East Brisbane reached out to ask our advice for his complex which had installed electrical bollard lights that no longer worked. He explained that the cables had eroded underground which meant the estate was without lighting. Our team recommended the Commercial Solar Bollard Light as a solution. Managing Director Ian drove out to the estate to demonstrate the light in action to make sure this was the right choice for the complex. The complex was keen to move away from traditional lighting to solar which would avoid the hassle of re cabling the whole estate… AGAIN.


The onsite manager purchased 12 of the Commercial Solar Bollard Lights for the housing estate. These were installed by Star 8’s own tradesman Harry, who was able to go onsite and set each light up in the desired location. As no cabling was required, this was a quick process to install and meant the complex would not have to wait weeks for an electrician to come.


The townhouse estate now has reliable solar lighting within the complex. The Commercial Solar Bollard Lights were a fast solution to the previous bollards that had been installed. With no cabling required, the estate was able to save money and additional time running cables underground.  

Many of our clients have come to us because of cable erosion. Companies are needing to re install outdoor lights due to underground rusting over time. Installing solar lights has meant they were able to fix the problem while preventing future issues that inevitably happen with electrical cabling. This has become a great solution to eliminate this ongoing problem for many of our clients.

If you need an outdoor solution for your premises or home but don’t want the hassle and expense of cabling, we have a huge range of solar lights to suit any environment. Give us a call on 1300 717 141 or pop into our store in Capalaba. We would love to assist you with your next project.


close-up of round pathway light
Pillar lights lining path on commercial business property